On re­-recording multi­-channel surround mixes in binaural for use with object based mixing techniques for headphone use.

July 2016 – January 2017

Research Aim:

RP-02 explores the current use of recording and reproduction techniques used to enhance surround sound experiences for headphone use. With an emphasis on two techniques, one being object based mixing, a technique that is a main focal point currently in spatial reproduction research. And the second being re­-recording, a technique of historical importance in spatial reproduction through the use of recording techniques such as Worldizing.

Research Outcome:

RP-02 produced guidelines for three practical experiments that will need to be completed in order to advance the project to a test stage:
– A sound localisation / head movement experiment
– Re-recording of multiple speaker set-ups using binaural microphones
–  Combining binaural re-recording with object based mixing

Resources Produced:

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